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2011 Catalogue :: Art Catalogue

Sam Moyer

ink and bleach on canvas mounted to wood panel
60 x 48 inches

To create this visually enveloping abstraction, New York-based Sam Moyer gathered a piece of canvas into a ball and poured ink on it, letting the dark liquid naturally play over and seep into the fabric’s fibers. After this, he rolled the canvas out flat, and then “unpainted” (as his process has been described) the canvas with bleach, leaving behind a composition based on both chance and intention. In the final act, Moyer stretched the canvas over wood. The result is an object that, while resembling a traditional painting, bears few of the overt mark making traits we associate with painting techniques. Moyer’s practice is in fact a fusion of chance and deliberation made to act on the very ingredients of what goes into a work of art. Born in Chicago in 1983, Sam Moyer received his BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC, and his MFA from the Yale School of Art. Moyer’s work was featured in the emerging artist series at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, in solo gallery exhibitions in New York and Berlin, and in group exhibitions at PS 1/The Museum of Modern Art, Artists Space, and the Swiss Institute, all in New York.

estimated retail value:  $7,500

opening bid:  $5,000

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Courtesy of the artist and rachel uffner gallery, new york
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