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2011 Catalogue :: Art Catalogue

Catherine MacMahon

steel rod and gold lamé thread
48 inches long; 1/4 inch circumference

This deceptively simple object reveals itself to be the bearer of a wealth of meaning when observed and considered closely. A simple line of steel wrapped in gold lame’ shoots up the wall in an upward angle, most likely alluding to the upward trajectory of fame, and the ephemeral glitter of celebrity, as cited in the work’s evocative title. Recalling with its audacious restraint the simple but potent geometric gestures made with string by the post-Minimalist sculptor, Fred Sandback, the work acts as a fully up-to-the-moment allegory of stardom in our present glamour-obsessed moment. Born and raised in New Orleans, Catherine MacMahon graduated from the University of Texas, Austin in architecture and interior design and marketing before receiving her MFA in design from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

estimated retail value:  $2,500

opening bid:  $1,800

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Courtesy of the artist
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